We are Healthful and we’re dedicated to supplying organic and natural superfoods that boost your daily nutrition. We’re a small, family run startup business based in North West UK and all of our team have a passion for healthy, natural and sustainable living. Sourcing natural, organic and nutritionally dense superfood powders from all over the world, we then blend them into the perfect mix of nutritional benefits to give the boost youโ€™re looking for in your daily life.

Meet Monique ๐Ÿ‘‹

I’m Monique the founder of Healthful, dedicated superfoodie since 2012. In 1997 I attended culinary school in the Netherlands as I’ve always had a big love for food and cooking. Fast forward to 2019 now I have 3 children and I got ill a lot! Colds, coughs, flus, sinus infections, always tired and I had enough. When modern medicine failed to keep me healthy, I then started researching alternative ways to get healthy, and that is how I came across the wondrous world of superfoods. I started creating mixes that I could easily incorporate to my daily routine, share them with my family, my children and my friends and soon I had a little following. Now I want to share my experience and research with you. I have teamed up with my sister in law Emma, who is studying Nutrition at the university of West London. I have completed a study on the science of ayurveda. Our product will resemble our combined knowledge and passion for superfoods.

Meet Emma-Jane ๐Ÿ‘‹

Hi I’m Emma-Jane, superfoodie and Nutritional Therapy student. When I got pregnant in 2015, I focused all of my attention on getting the best possible nutrition. In the following year after having my baby I felt the best I had ever felt. My life long struggle with depression and fatigue had subsided and even though I had just had a baby, my body was in the best health it had ever been. Now that I have felt the benefits, I am almost addicted to it! In 2020 I decided to take my passion to the next step and study Nutritional Therapy. I have been using superfood powder for 6 months and I have seen an improvement in my skin, digestion, mood and hormones. I am so happy to be a part of this journey to make it super easy for everybody to get the nutrients we are all lacking in this modern way of living.

The Healthful Mission

Our goal is to make healthier eating easier for everyone. We understand how important a healthy diet is and how difficult it can be to maintain, thats why we aim to provide a range of superfood ingredients that you can include in to your daily routine with minimal effort. All of our products can be prepared and consumed on the go, and we aim to keep it that way.

How to use

Whisk into latte

Stir into porridge and yoghurt

Mix with water

Blend into smoothies & protein shakes

Our favourites